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ElectroMenu Digital Monitor
ElectroMenu Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Supply TV's or Commercial Monitors.  Any size will work great.  We also sell and recommend


Professional Monitors.

ElectroMenu® Smart Controllers connect to high definition LED TV's or commercial monitors via an HDMI cable. 

Wireless keyboard & mouse allow changes your menus directly.  Connect to your office computer.  You can also plug ElectroMenu into your router and manage remotely from anywhere.

  • Layered GIF Animation & MP4 Video

  • POS, CSV & Price Book Interfaces

  • Schedule menus by time of day

  • Drag & Drop mouse controls

  • Use any digital photos

  • Uses less than 10 watts of power

  • Multi-store enterprise manager

  • Update & add new items & prices in seconds

  • Easily change images & video

  • ​No Crashes​
  • ​No Costly Software Updates​
  • ​No Driver Issues​
  • ​No Hardware Incompatibility
  • ​No Waiting On Bug Fixes


all-in-one digital menus.jpg

The easiest Electronic Menu to use on the market. Everything you need in one smart device !

                                 -QSR Magazine


ElectroMenu® contains a powerful yet easy to use set of design tools, built into our product. Each system is custom designed to suit your business needs. When changes are needed, YOU can make them with the click of the mouse. Zero maintenance costs, no moving parts and a solid state design means full time service and low long term cost of ownership.


Our software is easy to use without special skills or training, allowing you to create professional customized graphics without any design background or experience.  We understand your time is precious, which is why the ElectroMenu® system is the easiest to use digital menu & signage product on the market today. 

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