Our product is a completely solid state system. There are no moving parts so . . . NO possibility of a hard drive or fan failure. GUARANTEED.

Supply TV's or Monitors.  Any brand, size and model with an HDMI connection will work great.  We recommend the full line of Sharp® Professional Monitors.

Each ElectroMenu® Smart Controller connects to a high definition LED TV or monitor via an HDMI cable. 

Use our wireless keyboard and mouse to directly manage your menus or connect to a router for remote management from anywhere. No internet connection is required to operate a single store system. This ensures no down time because of a potential server disconnect.

Whether you are looking for a simple electronic digital menu to display your menu items or a fully scheduled electronic digital sign network, complete with POS integration, our software & hardware will meet your goals.


ElectroMenu® will create your next generation Menu Sign.

Sharp Professional Display Monitors

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