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How Will ElectroMenu® Help to Grow Your ROI?

Is it time to replace your old menu board? Invest in your business by choosing ElectroMenu®. This digital marketing board offers more than a modern aesthetic. It can positively impact your sales and grow your ROI.

Capture Customer Attention

When you’re searching for the right menu item, would you prefer to see a dimly lit plastic sign or a vivid, animated, high-resolution display? ElectroMenu® offers WOW factor through powerful images, animations, tickers, and special effects. These eye-catching graphics are so attention-grabbing that they can even reduce perceived wait times.

Create Beautiful Designs Fast

ElectroMenu® has built-in design tools that let you create incredible signage. You don’t need to be tech-savvy or artistically-gifted to use this intuitive system. You can explore our vast library of beautifully-designed templates to give your menu a polished appearance, and you have the option to add your own images, animations, and videos. Additionally, an ElectroMenu team member can visit your business to provide training on this system.

Make Changes with Zero Hassle

How much time, money, and productivity do you lose when there’s a typo on your signage? With ElectroMenu®, you can change items and imaging in seconds. Seasonal and promotional items are no problem! You even have the option to share your updated designs across multiple locations.

Enjoy Security and Reliability

The one benefit of a chalkboard menu is that it doesn’t crash. Fortunately, neither does ElectroMenu®. This digital menu is a solid state system that does not require an internet connection to operate. You never have to worry that your menu will be replaced with a pop-up or error screen.

Sell More Promotional Products

These beautiful digital menus guarantee that promotions are delivered correctly to every customer. You can even program the ElectroMenu® to stop and start promotions based on the time of day, season, and location. ElectroMenu® is proven to increase walk-in purchases by 10% or more, and it can achieve double or triple digit sales lift on featured items.

The ElectroMenu® Pays for Itself

On average, the ElectroMenu® will pay for itself in just seven to 12 months as you sell more items and eliminate printing costs. You don’t have pay ongoing monthly fees, and we’ll even offer lifetime technical support and software updates for FREE.

Could an ElectroMenu digital menu help your business sell more products? Contact us today to find out.

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